Get More Streams On Spotify By Hacking The Algorithm

Wanna know something crazy about Spotify? They’re replacing most of their playlist curation with AI. The same AI that creates personalized Discover Weekly playlists for you.

That means to get on playlists (both curated and personalized ones), you gotta be able to play their system. But how do you do that?

We talked with Mark Eckert on an episode of Music Business Mindset, and he laid out how to do it.

Basically, you need to give Spotify as much data as possible about you and your music as possible. That means you need to constantly release stuff. They will see who your music resonates with and they’ll start showing it to people who are most likely to be a fan.

But again, Spotify needs DATA on you first. Release something as often as possible. If you haven’t yet, get on a DistroKid plan. You pay a yearly subscription and can upload as much as you want. Release a song once a week if you want. If you use my link here, you get a discount.

So start now. It’s about building that data snowball. Stop worrying about perfection, and more about building a fanbase.

If you need help with building your overall release strategy, check out our giant guide on how to effectively promote your music.

Wanna hear more about this topic? Listen to my conversation with Mark Eckert below.

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