25. Lords of the Trident: Crushing Your Crowdfunding

Music Business Mindset
Music Business Mindset
25. Lords of the Trident: Crushing Your Crowdfunding
25. Lords of the Trident: Crushing Your Crowdfunding | patreon for bands

Would you like an extra $50-$3000/month? This episode is for you.

We talk with Fang VonWrathenstein (mortal name: Ty Christian) of Lords of the Trident (aka the most metal band on earth) about how they've been crushing their Patreon game with 300 active subscribers donating between $1-$60 every month.

What You'll Learn

  • Why you should consider a crowdfunding model for your band
  • How to build a thriving Patreon for your band
  • Why embracing your musical niche and persona is better than being vanilla
  • How to build fans that donate money every month
  • How Lords of the Trident's fans often give more than the listed Patreon tiers

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