Successful Artists Make Their Own Opportunities

For success in music you need luck. But you also need less luck than you think.

“Big breaks” don't happen much any more. And even if you go viral on TikTok tomorrow, that won't guarantee your success.

So stop waiting around for your big break or for someone to give you the right opportunities. The ones who “make it”, are the ones that have gotten creative and been go-getters and go-givers.

I'm as guilty as anyone when it comes to waiting for perfect opportunities, but I'm working on that.

I think that's why this interview I did with Bad Bad Hats resonated with me so much. These guys freaking started their own Battle of the Bands in college because there wasn't one (and ironically it gave them a kind of “big break”). But still, the point stands that it took a special kind of drive to see your own needs and then make it happen.

Listen to my interview with Bad Bad Hats below or on Apple Podcasts/Spotify.

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