Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About AI Music Overtaking Human Artists

I've been tempted to not even write this post because I don't want to add to the AI-is-taking-over-everything hysteria, but here we go….

I truly think AI is going to be one of the biggest revolutions of all time – like as big (if not bigger) than the internet and smartphones. It's going to disrupt something about EVERYTHING.

Naturally, people have said AI is going to replace human creators. Others in response say “nooooo, a computer will never be as creative as a human.” I think both of these camps are a little off.

Just from my limited time playing with AI (I do pay for ChatGPT and waste HOURS a week on it), it's quite clear to me it's only a matter of time until AI tools can create solid music (and I'm not just talking about a convincing fake of Kanye singing “Hey There Delilah”). I even think at some point AI music is going to be GOOD and something we want to listen to unironically.

What AI won't be able to is be the human behind the music…the person that listeners form a lasting connection with (or at least until the world becomes a complete Westworldian dystopia). It's because people will always want to connect with other HUMANS.

So how do you make yourself non-replaceable? Show your personality. Be known by your fans. Build genuine relationships with them. Be a PERSON.

This philosophy goes along what we talk about a lot here – see my other article on David's Hierarchy of Leads to read more about why this is actually the best business model for artists. It's only going to become more true as time and technology march on.

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