David Ryan Olson

Hey I'm David Ryan Olson

I'm a mix engineer and I run Evergreen Records and the sister company, Evergreen Mixing. I love making music and helping people grow. When I'm not doing music stuff, you can find me tinkering with computers, at Taco Bell, or playing with my dog, Eleanor Pigly (pictured below).

These days I split my time between SoCal and a little town called Boring, OR. If you're in either of these places and would love to meet, please reach out!

I don't really do much on social media, so email me at david@evergreenrecords.com if you'd like to connect!

My Story

I got into music production in 7th grade when I was trying to record my band in my living room so we could post our songs on MySpace. I guess I just never quit trying to learn – and here we are now. I kept tinkering for my bands throughout high school and college.

During college, I guess i didn't really realize that music was a “real” career, so I studied media and communications and worked at the radio station, which was a professional radio network in the Pacific Northwest. This time taught me a lot about the “other side” of the music business. I saw how songs got produced FOR radio and the accompanying promotion that goes into getting airplay. This time profoundly shaped my views on not just music production and arrangement, but also how each artist must treat their career as a business.

After casually producing and helping on other projects, I launched Evergreen Records in 2019. While COVID changed the original plans a little bit, we've stayed true to the mission of helping artists grow. We now provide services that empower artists to build a lasting career including single production, mixing, artist media, and promo planning.