Helping You Craft Songs That Get Added to Playlists

Coming from a background in radio, we know what it takes to make music that gains traction.

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Just One Song Can Change Your Life

When I worked in radio, I witnessed time and time again the power of the single. Just one song could put an artist on the map and firmly establish a career.

Now I want to help you achieve that too.

We know you have a lot of options for producing your music, but when it comes to creating a powerful single that will get the attention of people in charge of playlists and radio, our unique background in radio programming will give your song the best shot.

Single Production |

The Process

1. Select

We help you pick the best song to focus on. If it's a rough idea, we'll help you finish writing it. May artists even work with us to write the song from the beginning.

2. Create

We'll help craft the song into a killer single. You'll get production and arrangement that's specifically designed for maximum impact and attention.

3. Promote

We help you craft PR copy plus develop an overall strategy. We also can and distribute using PlayMPE – how most radio stations receive songs.


Curious about a service? Want to ask questions about the music business? Reach out here!

I'd love to hear how we can help you! Even if you'd just like to brainstorm options for your next project, please don't hesitate to reach out!

-David and the Evergreen Records Team