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Anthem Worship has once again captured the essence of their uplifting message, this time in collaboration with the incredibly talented producer, Neon Feather. The track in question, “Giants,” has been given an electrifying makeover, amplifying its original message of empowerment and spiritual triumph.

Josh Jamieson, the band leader and pastor of Anthem Worship, is elated about this unique collaboration: “We've always been fans of Neon Feather's work. The way he transforms a song's atmosphere while retaining its soul is nothing short of miraculous. When we penned ‘Giants,' we knew it was a song with a compelling message. Neon Feather's remix has not just retained that power but intensified it.”

Neon Feather's Mastery in Remixing

The world of Christian music remixes wouldn't be the same without Neon Feather. Known for his genre-bending skills and an innate ability to elevate a track, Neon Feather has earned a reputation for being one of the coolest remixers in the industry. By weaving his own sonic textures into the original composition, he brings out elements of the song that you never knew existed.

“Neon Feather has this innate ability to pick up the nuances of a song and to magnify them, making the track not just a remix but an experience,” says David Ryan Olson, founder of Evergreen Records. “Working with him has been an incredibly synergistic experience.”

While the original Giants was already a powerhouse musically and topically, Josh Jamieson reflects on the enhanced impact of the remix: “The song speaks about the assurance we have, knowing that no matter what obstacles we face—be it literal or metaphorical giants—God is already there, clearing the path for us. Neon Feather's remix amplifies this message in a way that reaches not just the mind but also the soul. It's almost like a battle cry set to music.”

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