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Hi I'm David Ryan Olson, founder of Evergreen Records

If building success as an artist is important to you, you know it takes more than just writing great songs. You need amazing records, business savvy, promotion, and a plan – the whole package! That's where we can help!

We partner with artists to build true and lasting success. Rather than the traditional label model, we provide services including production, development, and promotion à la carte so that you can build true and lasting success without selling out or signing your life away – you own everything!

The overarching goal is to help you win the marathon, not a sprint. We want you to find true and lasting success – not quick-but-fleeting attention.

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How We Can Help You Grow:


We help you to build the right creative team for your next release. All projects are executive produced and mixed by David Ryan Olson with A-list mastering.

Promotion and PR

We help our clients get their music heard! Let's plan a targeted promotional campaign including Spotify playlists, social advertisements, PR copy, website buildout and radio submission!


No matter if you need just a one-off strategy call, or an ongoing sounding board as you navigate the music business, we are here to help you find true and lasting success, and financial stability. Click here to book a free 20-min coaching call.


Curious about a service? Want to ask questions about the music business? Reach out here!

I'd love to hear how we can help you! Even if you'd just like to brainstorm options for your next project, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Want to talk on the phone? Click here to book an intro call!

-David and the Evergreen Records Team