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Our Mission: We Artists Grow

About | Evergreen Records

Hi, I'm David Ryan Olson

After a decade in the music industry, playing in bands, working in radio, hosting our podcast, and doing studio production, I've met a ton of artists. I've seen what works – and I've also met artists that need help. So I founded Evergreen Records.

Now it's my goal to help artists achieve their musical goals – limited by only creativity and drive. We do that by providing killer production, education, and consulting.

I found that the happiest artists approach music not as an online popularity contest or an endless soul-sucking hussle, but by building a sustainable business that gives them the life they want. Not the busywork you see on Instagram or TikTok.

Our Goals for YOU:

True and Lasting Success

We believe the happiest artists with the longest-lasting careers focus on what matters: building a sustainable business that gives you the life you want– not chasing trends and 15 mins of fame.

Financial Stability

Just because you're an artist doesn't mean you have to starve or destroy your personal life. Work smarter, not harder by leveraging your music and influence for predictable income.

Personal Wellbeing

Mental, physical, and social health is critical for any artist and business owner. Too many musicians neglect their wellbeing and struggle to grow or burn out.