About Evergreen Records

Evergreen Records was founded by producer and mix engineer David Ryan Olson in 2019.

Originally started as a typical studio and tracking anything and everything, David quickly realized that his love is helping artists grow and so they can change the world through music.

Since then, we've taken on the mission of partnering with artists, producers, and labels to make life-changing music, and helping facilitate premium productions and everything that goes on in a successful release.

Additionally, we serve as a label for a small, select number of artists including Anthem Worship, and are in the process of developing other artists and churches.

David Ryan Olson

David Ryan Olson

Mixing/Executive Producer

Hey there! I run Evergreen Records. I love making music, but I also love connecting with every one of our clients to build true and lasting success.

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Jared Jamieson


Jared is one of our producers and an overall creative wizard. He has a great ear for modern music.