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Here to Stay (Acoustic) by Anthem Worship

Here to Stay (Acoustic) by Anthem Worship

About This Song

This song was written in collaboration between Anthem Worship and Evergreen Records. The goal was to write a song for the season that the church was in and could be sung at services.

The total time between writing the song and being released as an acoustic video was less than 3 weeks. It was just one of those things that came together FAST.

The song originally debuted at the church’s “Vision Weekend” in March 2022, with people asking where they could hear it, so we recorded an acoustic arrangement to get a video out ASAP.

Brianna Cruz ended up singing the song and man she CRUSHED it. After running through it like twice she had the conviction of someone who had been singing it for YEARS.

The video was directed by one of our regular collaborators, Jared Jamieson (amazing pop producer and ALSO talented video creator), who also assisted on the production of the track.

Music Video


Music Credits

Performed by Anthem Worship featuring Brianna Cruz

Written by Joshua Jamieson, Jared Jamieson, and David Ryan Olson

Produced by David Ryan Olson and Jared Jamieson at Evergreen Records

Mixed by David Ryan Olson at Evergreen Records

Mastered by Mike Cervantes at The Foxboro

Video Credits

Director: Jared Jamieson

Editor: Summer Medina

Camera Operator: Andrew Harty

Gaffer: Joseph Amaya

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