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Here to Stay by Anthem Worship

Here to Stay by Anthem Worship

About this Song

This is the studio version of Here to Stay by Anthem Worship – which was long-awaited after the acoustic version was released a few months prior.

The goal with this was to create a more polished, pop version of the song people can come to know and love. We produced this in partnership with Jared Jamieson (an amazing pop producer). It turned out great!

Music Video

Music Credits

Performed by Anthem Worship featuring Brianna Cruz

Written by Joshua Jamieson, Jared Jamieson, and David Ryan Olson

Produced by David Ryan Olson and Jared Jamieson at Evergreen Records

Mixed by David Ryan Olson at Evergreen Records

Mastered by Mike Cervantes at The Foxboro

About Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship is the worship collective based out of Anthem x LLUC in Loma Linda, California.

Anthem was started in 2020, during the height of the pandemic on YouTube in lieu of in-person services. Rather than simply livestreaming standard worship service, the group was noted for the innovative approach to “studio church” through polished, internet-specific content that included original songs and unique arrangments of classic worship songs, along with polished studio-filmed teachings.

Anthem Worship released their debut EP in August of 2021, Universal Hearts, which included the original songs “You Are Strong” and “Universal Hearts,” along with the well-received electro-pop cover of Elevation Worship’s “My Testimony.”

In March of 2022, the song Here to Stay was written. Impressed that the song was exactly what the world needed at the time when the pandemic was resurging and the war was breaking out in Europe, Anthem pastor Josh Jamieson and the team decided to release an acoustic version of the song within two weeks of writing it.

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