Human (Live) by Anthem Worship

Human (Live) by Anthem Worship |

Anthem Worship has breathed new life into “Human,” a track originally featured as the title song on their EP released last fall. While the studio version offered a mid-tempo, synth-pop vibe, the band decided to kick things up a notch for its live debut.

Josh Jamieson, the pastor and band leader of Anthem Worship, explained the motive behind this dynamic shift: “We wanted the song ‘Human' to feel like a celebration when performed live. The message it carries is incredibly powerful, and we wanted to amplify that with a high-energy musical experience.”

Dueling Versions

To cater to their wide-ranging fan base, Anthem Worship has released two distinct versions of the live performance. The first version, available on YouTube, captures the song in its full glory, just as it was performed at the concert where it was recorded. This edition also includes an extended musical interlude, “Your Church is Alive,” adding an extra layer of depth and excitement to the live experience.

For those who prefer a more streamlined listening experience, a shorter, more concise edit of “Human” has been released on streaming platforms like Spotify. This version is tailored for listeners who want to enjoy the high-energy performance in a more compact format.

Emphasizing the Message Through Music

What makes this live version particularly compelling is how it complements the original studio track. While the studio version was crafted to be a thought-provoking synth-pop track, the live performance transforms it into an anthem of celebration without losing any of its poignant message.

As Josh Jamieson puts it, “We believe that the message of ‘Human' deserves to be celebrated. The live version not only preserves the essence of the song but elevates it to new heights. We are incredibly excited to share this experience with our audience.”

Whether you're looking for a song that offers deep introspection or a tune that invites you to dance, Anthem Worship's dual versions of “Human” cater to both needs. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to these remarkable renditions, now available on YouTube and all major streaming platforms.


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