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Never Be Apart by The Half Trees

Never Be Apart by The Half Trees

About This Song

This song is so ambitious. No other artist but The Half Trees would have their first single be a 6 minute, slow-to-build, epic.

It’s the kind of song you have to sit and LISTEN to. And when you really lean into the mood of the song, man it’s a MOOD.

What starts out soft and low, slowly gives way to new life and growth – perfectly matches the mood of the song. Before you know it, it hits you with its full force. I recommend cranking it up loud and rocking out at the end.


Written by Joey May of The Half Trees

Produced and mixed by David Ryan Olson of Evergreen Records

Musicians: Joey May, Landon Mellor, Blake Riley, David Ryan Olson

Featured Vocals: Anna Gilbert

Mastered by Mike Cervantes at The Foxboro

Additional Engineering: Stephen Pettyjohn

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