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Universal Hearts Live by Anthem Worship

Universal Hearts Live by Anthem Worship

Universal Hearts (Live) is a selection of music from the EP Release party at Anthem Worship.

Some of the songs from the original EP were reimagined for more of a live context to be done with a full band.

While we’ve dabbled in mixing of live performances before, it was fun to make an actual live record – which brought its own unique challenges. Most live albums are recorded over multiple nights in order to get multiple takes of the songs. This was a one-night-only experience. I was thankful it ended up working out given there was only one shot at capturing the night!

Overdubs were kept to a minimum – only some light additional “crowd” was added for the times where the audience that night was less-than-familiar with a song. EVERYTHING else is what you heard the night of!

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All songs written by Anthem Worship and Joshua Jamieson

Multitrack production by Joshua Jamieson and David Ryan Olson

EP produced by David Ryan Olson at Evergreen Records

Live audio engineers: Daniel Rafuse and Isaac Waters

Lighting: Eric Manjarrez

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