Aston Origin Review: The Best All-Around Vocal Mic for Home Recording

So I've been using the Aston Origin plus their combo shockmount and pop filter to record vocals on a lot of projects lately. I gotta say, it sounds AWESOME. There's probably not a better bang for your buck out there.

Don't be fooled by the fact that the mic only costs $199 – this guy regularly sounds better than some of my mics that cost three times as much – including my U87 clone, etc. With just about everyone I've tried it on, it sounds great. In fact it sounds amazing even just through a Focusrite Scarlett (in fact, that's literally the chain we used for the first Anthem Worship EP)

Seriously – if you need a vocal mic, just get it plus the shockmount and pop filter. If you're in an untreated room, I'd suggest getting the Aston Halo too.

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Assorted Thoughts:

  • You probably want the shockmount and pop filter. Reduces vibrations, and gives better plosive reduction than the minimal “built in” pop filter.
  • The thing LOOKS amazing. I love the round tube look. The mesh waveguide thing around the capsule is so distinct too.
  • It may not be the mic you'd want to use in EVERY case, but most singers will sound at least good on it. As opposed to my 87 clone which some people sounded TERRIBLE on.
  • The built-in highpass filter feels like it's a little high for some voices. I usually leave it off (flat) in the studio.
  • It's cool that there's an option to direct mount it without the shock mount (and I gather they've done some stuff to reduce direct-mounted vibration), but I wouldn't mount it like that to be safe, but more importantly, the shock mount lets you position it more easily, while there's no adjustment at all when directly mounted.
  • Having the pop filter directly attached to the shock mount makes it stay in a consistent spot which is nice. A gooseneck pop filter will get bumped, moved around, pushed too close to the mic by the singer, etc.
  • It's so irrationally satisfying to have a mic, shock mount, and pop filter all from the same lineup.

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