Cory Wong is a Genius at Content Creation

Cory Wong is a guitar player's guitar player. He has such a unique style that he just owns. Because of that he has a huge following of musicians – pro and hobbyists alike.

He's also a hilarious guy. He's just embraced who he is and who his audience is. And it WORKS. He makes hilarious content about being a musician. Jokes about solos that don't end, committing musical sins, etc – all on top of the basics like talking about new music, tours, behind the scenes of songs, etc.

Sure a lot of his content doesn't land for the masses – but for those who get it, it LANDS. He's built up tons of true fans and superfans that will now LOVE to see his shows, subscribe to his Youtube channel, buy his products (and plugin), and take his guitar course. Oh and listen to his music.

Just look at these videos. The skits in them are hilarious if you're in his demo and SUPER shareable. I think he even posted the skits themselves as reels which also got shared around in DMs.

Just don't try to copy him – but follow his example in that you should embrace who you are, show your personality, and focus more on finding and connecting with YOUR people.