Fame Is Not A Magic Bullet for Success

All the time, I hear “if only I got in front of a bunch of people or the right people, then my career would take off.”

While awareness will certainly help your career, it’s really not a magic bullet for success. You need to refine your music skills and build a solid business before awareness will do anything for you.

Fame Helps, But You Need A Solid Foundation

You may have heard of the concept of 10,000 hours. While this is more of a figure of speech than an actual magic number, the concept is sound – the more you do something, the more it comes naturally to you. You could be primed with ability from birth, but you still need to refine your craft before it becomes truly second nature for you.

An Example:

Meet Haley Johnsen: she was a top contestant for American Idol a few years back. While you may think that overnight fame built her career, she’ll tell you that’s not the case! After Idol, she basically started her career from scratch again (with some extra social media followers of course).

Since then, she’s put in the work to become a legitimate artist and business on her own right. Listen to her story on Music Business Mindset:

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