How This Band Got Double Their Album Crowdfunding Goal (From $35k to $65k)

We're big fans of asking for direct support from your fans. So naturally, we're also big on crowdfunding via Indiegogo or Kickstarter for your new album or EP. Having a real budget helps the final product turn out better after all.

But running a successful album crowdfunding campaign is easier said than done. Without planning, you probably wont reach your goal.

My friends The Talbott Brothers wrapped up their Indiegogo for their new album earlier this year. Not only did they meet their goal (which is always awesome), they almost DOUBLED their goal!! Originally asking for $35,000, they ended with $65,165 – which is incredible for an independent artist.

So how did they not just meet their goal, but OBLITERATE it? From what I can tell, it came down to a handful of things:

  • They took time to plan the details of the album. Figured out what they wanted to do creatively, built a detailed budget, etc. This helps with the public ask. The fans knew what they'd be helping with. (Kinda like how your parents won't just write you check for no reason, but they might help you buy a new car or whatever).
  • They took the time to plan the album crowdfunding campaign itself. They created a legit promo video for the Indiegogo, came up with a variety of tiers (since not all fans are created equal), wrote compelling copy that detailed what they were planning on/why they wanted your help, were consistent in their promotion to their fans via email and social, etc.
  • Most importantly, they spent the past 10ish years developing DEEP one-on-one relationships with their fans. They are the poster children of going deep not wide. They crushed their goal with 14k Instagram followers while bands with two or three times the social following sometimes struggle to meet their goals.