How This Newish Band from Oregon Got Matty Mullins on Their Song

My friends in the band 09 are on the latest episode of Music Business Mindset.

What’s special about them? Aside from cranking out great tunes and building a cool following, a couple of things:

Most notably, they don’t have a lead singer. The band is just EJ and Chancellor. They feature guest vocals on EVERY song.

This has been a huuuuge success during COVID. Because most other artists are stuck at home looking for new things to stay busy with.

They’ve gone from featuring their local friends to landing features from bigger artists like Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire…. even without a full-length album yet.

Listen now to hear their story and learn:

  • How they used collaboration as a networking tool
  • How they run a band without a singer
  • How they landed features from some of the biggest names in their scene (with more in the pipeline)

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