How To Prepare Your Band For The Studio

Your time in the studio is one of the most important parts of being an artist. But how should you prepare?

The most important thing you can do is flesh out some demos. It doesn't matter if this is well-recorded at home into your DAW or just a voice memo. Anything to show your producer your vision will go a long way into making the art you want. If you use Logic to record demos, get our ultra-usable synth presets – they'll help you stay in the creative zone.

I had a conversation with my friend Justin Abel recently about what you can do to prepare for the studio. Justin is a producer and mix engineer from Oregon. I admire him because he has his process in the studio DOWN. Nobody works faster or more efficiently than him.

In this episode of Music Business Mindset, you'll learn

  • Why songwriting is a muscle
  • How to stay creative when you might not be “feeling it”
  • The importance of recording your own demos before the studio
  • Picking the right producer for you

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