22. Jake Rye on Being a Go-Giver

Jake Rye is a producer, bass player, and all-around great guy. After spending time in the band Sanctus Real and working as a professional songwriter/engineer in Nashville, he moved to Adrian, Michigan to build his production business, where he not only records but helps artists grow.

As a true go-giver, he's helped many of his artists navigate the industry. We talk with him about his story and hear about the artists he's helped over the years.

About Music Business Mindset

Music Business Mindset is the official podcast of Evergreen Records – a production company dedicated to helping independent artists grow. We take a bit of a different approach to helping you find success, focusing less on the gear and trends, and more on YOU and your band as a business.

The podcast brings you interviews from awesome artists and industry leaders – all with the goal of helping you find true and lasting success, financial stability, and personal wellbeing on your journey in the music industry.


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