There’s More Than One Way To Skin The Musical Cat

Spend any amount of time in the music industry and you'll realize there are tons of opinions. Not just creatively, but about the business.

This is just a reminder that you should take everyone's opinions and methods with a giant grain of salt (including mine).

When someone gives you advice or you see them doing something differently, first be mindful that they are a different person, with different skills, music tastes, goals, etc. Especially if they're significantly older and from a different time in the music business.

THEN, after you've swallowed that giant salt lick, ask yourself if there's merit to what they're saying or doing.

Go and listen to a few episodes of Music Business Mindset. You'll hear that every artist had a slightly different approach to building their career (although there are common virtues that pretty much all successful artists have).

Life should be more of an “advice buffet.” Our goal of Music Business Mindset is to bring the buffet to you.

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