Why Systems are Vital for Musician Mental Health (with Chris Graham)

I'm sure you're aware that musician mental health is an important topic. One of the most important ways to manage your mental health as a creative is to set yourself up for success using systems.

What does “systems” mean? It just means spending time working ON your business rather than FOR it. Alternatively, time spent to make the day-to-day stuff work better with less effort. Building a standard way of doing things frees up your mental bandwidth to focus on more important things – like songwriting, recording, networking, etc (although those things can also be systematized to a degree). Because of this, systems help with burnout – something creatives can fall into easily.

I wanted to bring in an expert to talk about building systems in creative businesses.

Chris Graham is a musician turned mastering engineer turned business coach turned activist. You may know him from the 6 Figure Creative Podcast.

On this episode of Music Business Mindset, Chris shares his story, his journey with PTSD and mental health, and how that's taught him to build a business and life that works for you. Everyone can benefit from learning about building systems in their business.

  • Why musicians need to understand their mental health
  • Why you need systems in your music business (hint: think about Iron Man)
  • How to build the life you want – rather than feeling like you need to follow someone else's path
  • What is mastering and how it's different than mixing

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