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david ryan olson of evergreen records

Hi, I'm David

Founder and Mix Engineer

My goal is to build a genuine relationship with every client – both musically and as a friend. I believe the best music is made through partnerships of trust!

For me, it's more than just filling up the calendar and cashing the checks. I want to help you make the best music possible so that you're set up for success!

I'm always here to be a second set of ears on your productions so that we can make sure that the final mix ALWAYS slaps!

If you're looking for a mixing partner that cares about you and your music, please reach out because I'd love to get to know you!

-David Ryan Olson

Happy Clients

You're not just getting an amazing final mix – you're starting a friendship with a creative team that wants to see you succeed and “gets it.”

You won't find this level of personal attention and obsession with music anywhere else.

I literally couldn't have gotten this far without you. Nobody else ‘got it' and I probably would have given up.

Mixing | Evergreen Records

The Half Trees

Indie Rock Band

Not only did David help make our music sound amazing, but also helped us get started in the industry.

Mixing | Evergreen Records

Josh Jamieson

Anthem Worship

DUDE. I got legit chills listening to the mix! So good! You're a magician, yo!! Can't wait to hear more!!

Mixing | Evergreen Records

K.C. Hohensee


If you want to stand out, hire David. People always comment on the quality of the songs he's mixed for me.

Mixing | Evergreen Records

Jared Jamieson

Pop Producer

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