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Human EP by Anthem Worship

Human EP by Anthem Worship

Human is the 2nd studio EP from Loma Linda-based collective, Anthem Worship.

For this project, the goal was to write songs that are easy to sing along to, but also stylistically unique. Anthem Worship has always had a bit of an electronic bend, but while previous projects were more in the indie-pop realm, Human has more of an EDM influence than before.

David Ryan Olson and Jared Jamieson produced the album together with Jared doing much of the sound design, while David overseeing the song structure and arrangement. This is a classic case of Evergreen Records helping produce an album rather than just engineering it. We helped guide the songs from idea to finish in partnership with Anthem Worship.

Additionally, Evergreen Records helped Anthem Worship with many marketing elements related to this release, including the development of an official website, press releases for public and private media use, and promotional campaigns for Spotify, radio, and YouTube.

Album Credits

All songs written by Joshua Jamieson, Jared Jamieson, and David Ryan Olson

Produced by Jared Jamieson and David Ryan Olson

Mixed by David Ryan Olson at Evergreen Mixing

Mastered by Mike Cervantes at The Foxboro

Vocalists: Joshua Jamieson, Brianna Cruz, NETO, Jared Jamieson, Kaitlyn Mamora, Gillian Miller, Sarah Cabral, Ezrica Bennett

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